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EXACTO is a consultant to the EIB (European Investment Bank) and the IMT (Institute for Mobility and Transport). In recent years it has audited various road concessions in Portugal, in the process of recasting financial support contracts (EIB), and arbitration tribunals relating to dealer claims (IMTT).


Exacto was traffic consultant to the Odebrecht Group in Brazil between 2014 and 2016, being responsible for all the monitoring related to traffic studies or monitoring of the demand in the different road concessions in operation (Rota das Bandeiras, Bahia-Norte, Rota do Atlântico, Rota dos Coqueiros , Rota Oeste) or under construction (Route of the Frontiers, Route of the Horizon, ViaRio).



In Portugal, our main clients are:


IMT, referred to above.

Ascendi Group (road concessions), with traffic studies carried out for all concessions in operation (Concession Norte, Greater Porto, Douro Interior, Silver Coast, Beiras Litoral and Alta, Pinhal Interior, Greater Lisbon) and for all tenders by the Portuguese State concerning road concessions in Portugal (more than 30 traffic studies in the last 15 years);


Lusoponte, with traffic studies and analyzes related to the two bridges in operation (25 de Abril and Vasco da Gama), and with the third and fourth crossing of the Tagus in Lisbon (in partnership with Halcrow); and traffic studies for the new complementary airport of Montijo, including scenarios with new crossings Barreiro / Montijo and Seixal / Barreiro.


Main Portuguese projeting companies: Quadrante, TPF Planege, Viaponte, Coteprol, Globalvia, among others, with numerous studies of traffic or accessibility to new developments in Portugal and abroad.


Other public and private entities, such as Oporto City Council, EMEL, Architecture Offices, Investment Banks, etc., with analysis and traffic audits, accessibility studies, parking studies, economic profitability studies, etc.

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